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Social KingdomThis page is dedicated to the friends and strangers who’s unassuming friendship has inspired me to do, act, feel, and think in ways I didn’t know was possible. In the wake of the recent announcement from Northwestern College which appointmented me at their 2014 Commencement Speaker, I feel that this is as great a time to share, acknowledge and inspire those who have NO CLUE what they’ve done that got me to where I am today. The list below is in no particular order at this time.  It will be filled as names come to mind and as I better organize their contributions in themes.  The rationale behind this page will become clear by the time I get to the 365th person. Ryan W. – You know who you are.  And I’ll never forget that you’re the one that introduced me to James Redfield’s Celestine Prophecy which gave me words and ideas to understand what I’d experienced most of my life.  Thank you. Sista S. – Remember, I was hesitant to coach you.  And you forced me to.  Thanks for forcing me to 🙂 Kevin T. – Your testimonial about the HEROmanity book always stood out to me.  “Buihe’s a fool for not…”  Thank you.  Fred M. – You gave me more faith and courage to practice of the (5) Kingdoms than you realize.  Thanks for that long drive to Atlanta.   Ferlando B. – You’ve been there from the beginning. You may have been the first to get the book and give me feedback on the first book revision.   Paul S. – No Paul.  No book.  Thank you for being the first to come through on editing HEROmanity.   Steve J. – You circled back to give me a chance to support you.  And I hope I’ve exceeded your expectations.  Now, pay it forward.   Oliver W. –  Thank you for inspiring me to walk with mystical confidence.   Sasha O. – Without your request, I’m not sure when the Kindle version would have been published.

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