The 5 Books That Could Forever Change or Transform Your Life & Why…

Graphic - Library - Page 960x364.pngRecently, I was trying to get work done in a common area – in an open kitchen where the guests of my lodging facility could stop by, eat, or sit at a kitchen table to get work done.  There’s a huge island in the middle of the kitchen as well that hosts 4 portable stove tops, a sink, a center area for seasonings and enough space for chairs to surround the center island.  This kitchen is huge.

So, while meditating on what I was going to write about, a conversation about transformation and relationship kicked off.  It was my fault.  I’m a magnet for these kinds of conversations.  But I didn’t necessarily want to have it just at that moment.  But, I respect that the universe in me attracts people into my space that need to be helped with resources I’ve crossed paths with.  The conversation was 3 hours long.  In another blog, I hope to share key things that I think are universal to all people to ponder when striving to transform their life that came up in the conversation.  But for now, I want to focus on the principle of generosity through sharing wisdom and the resources the help with building it that I reawakened.

During my conversation, I recommended a few books and I realize that these books are the ones that changed my life forever.  And I also realized that I’ve waited to long to create a public list or mentioning of them.  Here they are in no particular order:

  1. The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude

    (Read this if you’re dealing with deep trauma or desire a kinesiological approach to healing)

    The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude Book Cover

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  2. Introduction to Buddhism

    (Read this if you’re open to an alternative spiritual perspective on faith and the law of cause and effect)

    Introduction to Buddhism Book Cover

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  3. Conversations with God

    (The title says it all.  If you’re still curious how about how God talks to us, read this.)

    Conversations with God Book Cover

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  4. Feeling is the Secret

    (Puzzled about what it takes to manifest your desires all the time?  This is the book to read)

    Feling is the Secret Book Cover

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  5. The Bible

    (Regardless of your belief system, the stories of the Bible can give you some context to understand your personal legend.)

    The Bible Book Cover

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Want deeper perspective on why or how would these books change your life?

I’ll answer that in the next post.

Happy Reading!



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