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The Future Of Luxury Travel Through the Pandemic

0:07:48 Who should be listening and watching this right now?

0:12:35 What’s going on in the World of Travel, especially global luxury travel

0:15:26 Are Good Travel Deals Bad During COVID?

0:16:22 The Dangers of Good Travel Deals During COVID and What to Do About It

0:19:42 About Vanessa Russell – The Travel Advisor and Travel Designer

0:24:26 What Luxury Destination Hotels Are Doing Now to Ensure Your Safety and Well-Being

0:32:48 Travel Insurance: How Does it Work During a Pandemic? And What You Should Know.

0:36:34 Example of How Travel Protection Works

0:39:52 What Kind of Travel Insurance Should You be Selecting?

0:42:58 What Travel Insurance to Pick Even If You Have Insurance Already

0:44:57 How Are Hotels Managing 72 Hr PCR/Antigen Testing for Re-Entry? Here’s What You Should Know


0:50:44 What to do and Expect and Do if You Test COVID Positive During Your Vacation?

0:53:24 Role Playing: What to Expect When Working With a Luxury Travel Advisor and Designer

1:01:23 How Hotels Are Handling PCR and Antigen Testin

1:02:11 What to Expect if You Need to Quaranteen During a Vacation or Before Returning

1:03:10 What Does the COVID Color Code (Stoplight System) Mean For Travelers?

1:04:13 How Has COVID Impacted the Luxury Dining Experience During Travel?

1:07:05 What to Expect For Your Next Luxury Travel Experience

1:13:54 What is the Ultimate Social Distancing Travel Collection

1:15:28 The Top 3 Luxury Destination Recommendations by Vanessa

1:17:43 How to Reach Vanessa Russell

Photo Image credits: Taryn Elliot

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