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The Story of Charles: A Case Study of Building a Chaos Proof Consulting Practice

Dissapointed Subject Matter ExpertCharles Was Pissed and Annoyed…

When he called me 3 months ago…He sounded concerned.


He said “Hey Buihe, I have a situation that I need your help with…”


But then he dragged his feet for weeks before calling me back to tell me what he was working on that he needed my help with.


During the call, I said “Okay…talk to me – what do you need help with?”


And he went on to show me the social media profile of someone who was selling a $2500 coaching program online in the same niche that he had expertise in.


Now, this was at the start of lock-downs and the guy Charles was telling me about appeared to be already selling tens of thousands of dollars a week from his online coaching program!!!!


I could hear the irritation in Charles’s voice as he spoke.


Why was he bothered?


Simple. Because that guy wasn’t better than him or more qualified or ANYTHING. But Charles had to confess that the other guy was smarter by taking action and while he wasn’t.


Deep down, Charles felt – If that guy was thriving online, then why couldn’t he do the same thing using his specialized knowledge and expertise to coach his own potential clients?


What was crazy about this whole situation was this:

We were in mid-pandemic; the media was predicting a recession, high unemployment rates and reporting on how people were cutting back on spending etc.  And here was Charles proposing a new coaching program where clients would pay thousands for his coaching!!! And although it seemed like a bad idea given the circumstances, we agreed it was worth taking a risk.


So, after venting, Charles asked me …


“Buihe – Can you build (an online funnel) like what that guy has so I can sell my coaching program?”


It took me a minute to understand the technical requirements of what he was asking me to do and…


And I eventually said, “Yes, I could do it…” And the rest is history.


Long story short…


We launched Charles’s program in April of this year and less than 45 days later, his program became a $13,000+ a month online coaching business. It was so satisfying to see it happen and FAST.


So, I figured if he needed that kind of help to produce such startling results, maybe I could help other consultants and coaches who might be struggling and are also as annoyed by how their competitors are beating them by growing their coaching programs online.


That’s when I decided that I’d give a few coaches/consultants or subject matter experts a chance to work with me to get the results Charles received (and still enjoys to this day).


But I also knew that I couldn’t work with just anyone. I needed to have the right people to share the content with.


See, although I’d known Charles as a seasoned 20-year entrepreneur, in the past, he was also someone who was at times indecisive, slippery and non-committal. And I also felt he was a penny pincher sometimes. So I wasn’t always fond of discussing business opportunities with him.


But this time around, Charles was different. Some of things that stood out to me when he’d ask for my help this time was the following:


> He was fed up and couldn’t stand seeing someone with less talent, qualifications and experience beat him online.


> He was clear about what he needed to do to match his peers’ success and exceed their results.


> He was extremely COACHABLE and…


> He was ready to settle his invoice immediately to get the help he needed when it was painful and urgent enough for him to move forward.


These were the qualities Charles displayed that made his program roll out a success.


So, like I said I wanted to help others like Charles and as a result, I’ve put together a FREE webinar training to reveal what I did to help him with rolling his program out and how you can get the same results.


For a limited time, I’m making the training available for ONLY those who can relate to Charles’s situation before he was able to roll out his 5-Figure a month coaching program with my help.


And here are the details and what you’ll learn from the [Revenue Scaling Blueprint] webinar if you’re a good fit and choose to view it:

🚨Webinar: Revenue Scaling Blueprint (for Coaches, Consultants and Subject Matter Experts)🚨

(👉Here’s the link to register: http://revenueboost.thechillcode.com)

Here’s what you’ll learn:

✔️ How having “competitive” prices can hurt your business and your customers

✔️ The #1 Customer acquisition MISTAKE that’s probably robbing you of thousands of dollars per customer

✔️ The 4-step proprietary revenue scaling blueprint process that can double or even triple your monthly revenue in 15-20 mins or less.

✔️ The 1-Google Doc worksheet that replaces fear, stress, and worry with hope, excitement and clarity to start producing consistent revenue in your business.

✔️ Why your best customers need higher price(s) and how to respond to their demands


Without sounding like a broken record, if you want Charles’s results, I’ll show you. But you have to also have the same attitude that Charles did. If not, this webinar won’t work for you.


Again 👉Here’s the link to register now: http://revenueboost.thechillcode.com

CTA - Register Now for Webinar

See you on the other side,



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