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I have a brother who’s a fireman.  And he shared with me a quote that he learned from one of them men who trained him. And it goes something like this.  “People don’t rise to the occasion, they stoop to their level of training!” And I believe this to be true.  If you’re looking to soar, create a foundation of higher levels of training or better said, train until you can’t get it wrong, below are some of the upcoming trainings you should probably register for while space is available or watch if you’ve missed them.

Current Programs

Image - The 4-Step Matrix Escape Cheat Sheet (Dashed Border) Step 1 HighlightedThe Escape the Matrix Mini Course

Date: On-Going

Registration: Go Here


24 Hour Bluprint - Book Cover for Ultimate Lifestyle Design

How to Design, Build and Live the Legendary Life

Date: Scheduled based on Private Coaching Dates

Pre-Register: Schedule a Consultation Here

Prerequisite: Escape the Matrix Mini course


Past Trainings

First Time Authors Training Series: How to Self Publish in 30 Days or Less

Inpsire.U: Secrets to Staying Self Motivated No Matter What

The Chill Code: How to Stress Less and Earn More 

24 Hour Blueprint Club

With Buihe Madu


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