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Certification (for 24 Hour Blueprint Method)

24 Hour Blueprint LogoAre you someone who’s been using the 24 Hour Blueprint method and gotten great value from it?  So much so that you wish your colleagues, associates or even family and friends could benefit? Well, you can pass along a playbook to them or if you are someone who is either a team leader or know someone who does the 24 Hour Blueprint certification is perfect for them.

How to Apply for Certification and Training

Just inquire by email us at support@buihemadu.com and in the subject line note: “24 Hour Blueprint certification” and we’ll reply to confirm when our next certification training will be held.

If this is all new to you and you wish to learn more about what the 24 Hour Blueprint method is about, you can start with the video below.

Video Q&A | What is The Essence of the 24 Hour Blueprint (Method)

Specs Video - Screenshot

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