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😢 I’m Sorry…(A Story and A Gift Before You Go?)

So, this is it…😢

I’m sorry.

Somewhere along the way, you had an expectation of getting value or key information to help you along to breakthrough and I didn’t deliver.

I let you down.

I also just wanted you to know that I’m not just another person online who seems detached from what people are going through.

That’s why I’m writing you this email; because I feel like I let you down.

I know I did.

The reason why I say this is because about 9 years ago, I almost ended my life.

Without sounding too woe-is-me, here’s where I was then.

I was 33 (may be 34) and unhappily married.

My wife was a stay-at-home mom which meant I was the only income earner.

I had 2 very young kids, girls – ages 4 and 5 years old.

And I was also unemployed for about 2 months.

So, that was my life…

No job.

A marriage on the rocks.

2 young kids to father.

And the feeling that I was a loser for not offering real value to supporting my family.

Honestly, I felt worthless.

So, one night I walked out of the house after an argument…

And headed to the only bridge that I knew was close enough to the house for me to jump from.

But when I got there, the water was too shallow.

That’s when I decided that if I wasn’t going to take my life that night, then I’d have to kill the version of me that I’d become and hated – and eventually wanted to kill.

I think you already know I survived that suicide attempt…

But the real issue and question I had to face was why did I feel so worthless?  Worthless enough to feel like I didn’t deserve to live and serve my wife, kids, community and the world?

And that’s why I’m writing to you now.

You see, I know from experience that when there’s no value, people leave.  I saw no value to my life. So, guess what? I wanted to “leave” and was ready to end it all.

So after realizing I wasn’t going to be ending my life that night, I walked a couple miles to a hotel to check myself in and simulate my own death.

And for the next 3 days and nights, I drank no water. I ate no food and I faced my demons in a hotel room.

By the third day, I awakened to 4 transformational commitments.

I promised myself I’d:

  1. Live a life of love.

  2. Live a life of generosity.

  3. Live a life of acceptance.

  4. Serve humanity with all my heart

That was it.

Those 4 things changed the trajectory of my life from the day I walked out of the hotel to this moment.

Now, I haven’t been perfect. But I’ve lived a more fulfilling life because of those promises.

And so, here we are. And you’re on your way to finding a solution to something that I feel like I might have lead you to believe I had a solution for and failed to deliver on.

So, I understand your recent unsubscription reflects that I let you down.

That’s not just a business issue for me, that’s a spiritual integrity issue for me because I don’t just market, coach or consult for money.

I do it because I love people.  I do it because I want to give people a sense of hope and fulfillable promise.  And I want people to accept themselves and feel that no matter what they’re going through – IT’S OK!  And they’re perfect just the way they are.

And most of all, I do it because I’m committed to serving humanity with my gifts and talents.

So, like I said, I’m sorry that I didn’t measure up to your expectations. I get it.  And if there’s anything that I would ask of you, it’s teach me. Let me know:

What difficulty or challenge were you facing that I failed to show you I could help you with?

Because what I care most about is that the faith and trust you put in me to help you (from seeing my ad, to optin in to taking the time to watch the webinar) is respected and honored.

And if I’m not the best person to help, I will be more than glad to refer you to something or someone better suited to support you.

That’s me. That’s what I stand for. And I want you to win even if it means hearing that I wasn’t the best person to help.

So if you can tell me what help you needed in your reply, I’ll be happy to incorporate your suggestions in a future version of the Revenue Scaling Blueprint webinar.

And I’ll be grateful for your letting me know where I could fill in the missing gaps of what you needed so I can be better for future clients.

Thank you so much for your reply in advance and giving me a shot.


Buihe Madu, Creator of the Revenue Scaling Blueprint

PS – One of my mentors once told me when referring to the general relationship between practitioners and clients that “If you let them go, you let them down.” And that really stuck. And everything that I shared above is out of my promise to show each client that I’m here with an open hand to help.  Your feedback on what you needed my help with gives me a chance to learn how I can do better. It also makes sure I don’t make the same mistakes in the future.  I appreciate you helping me be a better practitioner. I’m all ears for your feedback reply.

PPS – My full story is captured in my first book. HEROmanity: 24 Hours to a HEROic Life.  Here’s a free copy of my book in PDF format. FREE. No strings attached.  Just access it here and the PDF will be sent right to you.

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