A Women’s Guide to Starting the Perfect Year?

Graphic - Right Foot for Women.pngJames Brown once said, “This is a man’s world, this is a man’s world But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl”…

So, it’s a new year.  And I think back to a few years ago when I was running a case study for the 24 Hour Blueprint lifestyle design program.  I noticed that more women responded to the case study invitation than men.  And at some point I decided that we should focus on women – especially moms who had a lot to juggle.  Actually, I remember getting really excited and thinking, perhaps more women would run with the program than men and we could make that a primary base of our program community members.  I’d considered creating a 24 Hour Blueprint for Mom’s, Single Moms, Women Professionals etc. And of course, other pressing projects emerged.  And I paused that effort.

Today, I’m in a similar place which resembles where I was a couple years ago.  I feel that women are the ones who disproportionately bear the burden of bringing order and harmony to our chaotic home lives and in our society.  Men, I feel can be too impatient and direct in their approach to creating order.  And of course, even forceful.  But there’s still hope for them AND to be fair, there are extraordinary traits men have in bringing about order.  Architects (representing a primarily male dominated field) for example live and die by the order they bring to the built world.  Engineers, another masculine collective, are also no strangers to the benefits of and power of bringing order to the built world and the building process.  The same applies to project engineers, managers and so on.  So, where am I headed with all of this?


Before getting into that.  Here’s a list of what some of the participants who were a part of the case study shared they were struggling with.

  1. Sticking to the allotted time.
  2. Making sure everything makes it on my calendar and that I am getting reminders at the right time.
  3. Getting started and sticking to a plan of action.
  4. Focusing on the most important tasks and identifying what they are in order to complete them first.
  5. Finding time to do my homework, pretty much.
  6. Know EXACTLY How much time things will take.
  7. My biggest time management struggle is not having enough hours in a day to complete that daily goal.
  8. Learning to let go and delegate.
  9. Follow up.
  10. Traffic, driving, things running late…
  11. That there is so much to get done in a short period of time. Therefore, I often feel overwhelmed.
  12. Not taking breaks.
  13. Not having the right type of calendar.
  14. My biggest time management struggle is not enough time to keep in touch with sphere of influence.
  15. Working 7 days a week and not wanting to do anything after a long days work.
  16. Finishing all my multiple activities on time.
  17. Being on time for appointments, etc.
  18. The ability to create a schedule that’s easily recognizable at a glance.
  19. When your child waits til the night before to tell you they have a school project due the next day.
  20. How to commit my time best to my bigger, most profitable projects.
  21. None, unless its very late at night.
  22. Trying to get work.
  23. Staying on task.
  24. I have to prioritize better.
  25. Completing long term projects that don’t have a hard deadline.
  26. Turning off media to accomplish my goals.
  27. Prioritizing things to get my documentary started.
  28. Haven’t discovered it yet.
  29. My biggest time management struggle is just being  able to remember all that I have to do.
  30. Allocating the right amount of time to complete all my daily tasks.


By January 2018, the goal is to create A Woman’s Guide to the Perfect Year published through the Academy.  And what I imagine will be required is for women who participate in our current program to share their thoughts and ideas to influence the future products of the 24 Hour Blueprint Academy beginning with A Woman’s Guide the Perfect Year.  The Academy was founded on the idea that absolute happiness can be embedded into our daily life through conscious use of technology and customized blueprint documents reflecting the lifestyle of each user.  I believe that this year, we can kick-start a happiness revolution by beginning to teach our first group of women how to use their 24 Hour Blueprint and inspire them to bring that to the lives they touch.  To bring back the quote earlier by James Brown, this world would be nothing without a woman or a girl.  I believe empowering women with the principles of the 24 Hour Blueprint can make a difference in the world. Bold claim – I know. But you’ll have to test it for your self to believe it.

If you’re a female student, a stay at home mom or work from home-er, or a professional woman with a mission to bring absolute happiness to your life and loved ones lives, register for the upcoming webinar,  Happy YOU Year: Secrets to Being Absolutely Happy and Productive by Design.  To get an idea of what to expect, download a copy of the currently available ePlaybook and test the concepts for yourself.  You’ll receive an invitation to the webinar once the date is set.

Thank You for Reading and I look forward to seeing you on the webinar.




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