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The Power of FedEx’s Print & Go | 24 Hour Blueprint Print-On-Demand

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FedEx Print & Go File Source Options

Late December 2015, I found myself rushing to do a final edit on the annual edition of the 24 Hour Playbook and Planner while traveling.  Since I anticipated being on the bus for a few hours from DC to New York (3.5 hours approx), I just thought it’d be perfect timing to have the documents (70-80 pg.’s total) printed and ready to go.

So, I stopped by a FedEx during a lunch break to ask if I could email them the document in order to have it ready to grab without having to wait. And I also wanted to avoid having to buy a USB which would have to be used to pass the documents along.  It was at this point when a staff member said I should use the FedEx Print & Go service for that.  And the rest is history.

How Does FedEx’s Print & Go Work?

The process is really simple and easy to follow. Here’s how it played out for me.

  1. I emailed a document to printandgo@fedex.com (Note: You can email it from your phone, desktop through Google Drive or a cloud service provider)
  2. I received a retrieval confirmation code via email
  3. After reaching the FedEx closest to my departure location, I could go to a print kiosk
  4. Enter the retrieval code and VOILA! My document pops up
  5. In less than 7-10mins, after selecting a few print options, I hit print & was off to New York. (You can also choose b/w or color and select which pages within the document you wish to print if you don’t need all the pages.)

That’s it.

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Here’s a Demo Video on How FedEx Print & Go Works

In the video below, I share my story and how it’s worked for me.  I hope you’ll be able to take advantage of this service for printing your 24 Hour Blueprint and any other documents you find yourself in a crunch to edit or just print to read or even bring to a meeting while you travel.

Ready to Use FedEx Print & Go to Print Your Blueprint?

Follow the directions below.

Print on Demand





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  1. Tried this today. Perfect!!

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