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How to Learn 1.25 to 3.5X Faster Than the Average Person

The Slow Learning Journey for the Average Person

Years ago, when I started to pivot into the digital marketing industry from my career in Civil Engineering and Urban Planning, I found myself at the bottom of a new mountain of knowledge to gain.  And at that time, digital marketing was sort of in a wild wild west phase.  “Everyone was doing it” but really no one or at the very least, few were really doing it.  The affiliate marketing world was bustling and promising get rich faster information products and programs and it all seemed appealing until it was time to learn how.

The Financial Challenges to Learning Faster

The challenges with the learn how-to phase was that there was a premium to learning.  Everywhere you looked someone was charging for some piece of the digital marketing knowledge puzzle.  Wanna learn how to blog? $1,000.  Wanna learn how to SEO? $500 for a do it yourself video series or $997 for a guru to teach you with their 5 Day Mastermind program.  Oh, wanna learn how to get 1,000,000 followers or subscribers overnight or visitors to your website??? Yeah.  That’ll be $495/Mo for a “guru” expert watch-over-my-shoulder program and if you act now, you’ll also get…You see – this was the ridiculousness that I was trying to sort through when I first started out.

The Time Constraint Challenges with Learning Faster

I wanted to learn. Sure, the financial promises of learning were enticing but I for damn sure wanted to learn and feel like I knew what I was doing when it came to marketing and promoting goods and services for myself as well as my clients.  But the issue was that my appetite for learning was greater than the depth of the content I was presented. And in some cases, trainings I purchased was presented at such a slow rate that what I could learn in less than 30 mins or 2 hours took 4 – 6 days and sometimes weeks.  I was angry and frustrated and was forced to figure out how to learn faster and retain information quickly.  This is what the podcast I recorded recently addresses and it starts with what I had to do with my content consumption rate to accelerate my learning.

Since most of the content I had to learn was video or audio based, I learned some simple tricks.  And one of them was to increase the speed video playback of the trainings I was watching as well as the audio recording and audiobooks I consumed.

For those who are looking to do what I did to increase my content intake rate, I’ll provide screenshots to show were to look to change playback settings when consuming similar content on video and audio platforms. In the mean time, I’ve explained the process in the podcast below. I hope it helps you on your accelerated learning journey.

How to Learn 1.25 – 3.5X Faster with Increased Video and Audio Playback Speeds

Podcasts Playback (Anchor.fm Example)

Graphics - Infographic for Podcast Instructions

Video (YouTube Example)

Icon - YouTube Play buttonv256x178

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Audiobooks (Audible Example)

Audible Icon

[Screenshot Guide Coming Soon – Follow Me on IG for Updates]

The Podcast: How to Learn 1.25 to 3.5X Faster Than the Average Person

Do you want to consume content faster and increase your learning speed? Are you an aspiring high performer that feels like the world around you presents information at an annoyingly slow rate? How about this one: Have you ever felt like you’re stuck or feeling like the pace of a video course or audiobook isn’t fast enough for you? Last, do think this podcast sometimes is too slow? Well, there’s a way to accelerate your learning with a few simple technical adjustments which can be made on the platforms you already use to learn. That’s what we get into on this podcast. Follow me on IG www.Instagram.com/buihemadu and www.Youtube.com/BuiheMadu to keep up with other forms of learning that the GRIND Scheme of Things Architect has to offer.

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