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Why To-Do Lists are an ABSOLUTE Waste of Time UNLESS…

Are We Over To-Doing It?

Ahhh…what do I need to get done today…Let me make a list.

A quick trip to the grocery store…Let me make a list.

I’ve got a trip to get ready for tomorrow.  What do I need to pack? Let me make a list.

What are all the things I need to do before I leave? Let me make a list.

Young or old, we all make lists as the events of our lives call for.  But let’s be honest, given how frequent our lists are and the fact that very few of them will have anything that we’ve never encountered before – why do we keep making them?  Are our memories that short? Isn’t there something better to do with our time than to make new lists forever and ever?

The To-Do List Gut Check

If you’re a to-do list kind of person, I know why you’re here.  It’s shocking to think that something you’re doing and have been doing for years might not really be serving your highest and best good.  But the podcast below is not about taking your beloved to-do list away; it’s actually about deepening your relationship to it in a way that liberates you from having to be a slave to it AND free your mind to track other things that are important to you and apply your mind to.

The Day Will Come to RIP Your To-Do List But it May Not be Today

For some high performers, their days of to-do lists are over.  It’s now internalized and habitual.  For other high performers, they still keep them.  And it’s not just out of bad habit.  In most cases, there’s an art and science to the list that enables them to exert extraordinary influence over the activities of the day to produce remarkable results.  But most people aren’t “high performers” or aspiring to become them, but there are lessons to learn from the trails blazed by them.  The podcast below touches on our motives in wanting to achieve more and suggests smarter ways to use our to-do lists.

Take what resonates and leave behind what doesn’t. And leave comments below about why you still use them today.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Checkout the latest podcast: Why Your To-Do List is an ABSOLUTE waste of time UNLESS…(below).

Graphic - Why To-Do Lists Are a Waste of Time


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