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How To Move into the Unknown Future With Confidence Like Steve Jobs (Watch Video)

This year, the content published here has been primarily future oriented.  In other words, it’s been addressing how to plan and set goals into the future in a way that guarantees success.  And I’ve also created content to challenge readers to continue assessing where they are on that journey.  Well, I recently came across the following quote by Danish philosopher, Søren Kiergegaard:

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

And it made a great deal of sense.  And then I recalled a speech by Steve Jobs where he reviewed some of the major events in his life that didn’t fully make sense.  And he made the point that a lot of our lives don’t always add up or make sense in the present moment, as we’re living into the future.  But it’s always clearer looking back.  And for those of you who’ve set goals and have found yourselves stuck or thwarted – there’s a temptation to hesitate, slow down, stop and over re-think what you’re doing.

Well, let this post be your reminder pep talk to not give up and to move confidently forward knowing the dots will connect even if you don’t know how.

And the video below is reassuring.  And of course, it has the voice of Steve Jobs the cat of entrepreneurship in the sense that he had the proverbial 9 lives (that most of us can’t even dream of) in multiple industries.

So, in short, if what you’re dealing with right now doesn’t make sense, but you have a feeling that it should make sense and that it might make sense in the days to come, Steve Job’s perspective maybe a real inspiration to you.  Watch and enjoy.

Here’s to a great future and the certainty of the dots connecting looking backwards.

Watch Steve Jobs Connect the Dots of the Past


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