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How to ReBrand | Reinvent Yourself without Being Cheesy

Janus.jpgHave you ever tried to create a new habit?  Change your diet? Work out more?  Start dating the right kind of people?  Start taking on the right kind of projects?  Well, we all know or have come across someone that genuinely wanted to change and felt they needed to announce to EVERYONE that they were making big changes.  They usually announce that they’re no longer eating animals or carbs or something.  Whatever the change they’re making there’s a part of us that chuckles and says “we’ll see how long this will last…”  That’s the challenge to confront with rebranding or reinventing yourself.  The inertia of the past – past stories that people have of you, stories of your failures, of you being all over the place and unfocused, stories of you not ever finishing anything…  Not to mention stories that you have in your own head about some of all of the above being true. This is where the real battle of rebranding and self reinvention has to be fought, in the inner world of the mind and the minds of others.

ReBranding and ReInvention Are Signs of Maturity

How silly would it be to graduate from kindergarten three times?  Or when you graduated elementary school, junior high, college etc. to arrive still clinging to your kindergarten certificate of completion?  Yes.  That would be vewy silly.  (Sound out the “w” in veWy to hear the silliness.)  Personal rebranding is a sign of maturity and growth.  It’s a need that shows up when the person or persona that you’ve represented in the past no longer serves you or those you wish to serve.  The same way that your kindergarten certificate is not what you show your future employer or potential client, you have to realize that showing up with old ways of being, old habits of self neglect and non-nonchalantness or people-pleasing will make no difference in providing the quality of life you’ve always imagined.  So, in short, rebranding and reinvention is a declaration to ourselves that we’re growing up and to those we serve, that they deserve a better version of ourselves.  So how should this process start?

Respect for Accountability, Integrity and Cleaning Up The Old Brands and Inventions

Living life powerfully is based on our ability to intentionally create and invent ways that we want to show up in life.  More than that, it’s critical to do so with a sense of accountability, integrity and the courage to clean up the mess that our former ways of thinking, acting and showing up has made.  This again is maturity at play discussed above.  It’s mature to recognize that without accountability it’s hard to measure progress.  Similarly it’s mature to notice that integrity is not about trying to live spotlessly. It’s about committing to really do what you believe honors you and those you are accountable to as people of high value.  It’s finally owning up to the fact that you’re an artist and what you’re going to do is art vs. fart around waiting for the perfect time – crass but true.  Or that you’re a nerd and trying to be cool and fit in is not who you are.  Or maybe it’s both. You’re part artist and part nerd and you’re ready to show that.  Whatever you do, doing it with heart has more integrity than hiding it.  As I evolve and age – I realize and own that I’m a nerd at heart that loves considering the impact of emerging technology on life styles and building digital communities, digital marketing strategy, writing (sometimes), fine men’s tailored clothing and all things productively stylish.  And most of all, I love helping people get past their internal roadblocks to winning in life.  That’s my rebrand.  What’s yours?

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