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Thought Leadership | Psychologistics: The Reason We’re So Scattered

I don’t think too much of myself as a thought leader in the sense of how the term is thrown around today.  However, my reflection and study of the subject matter of consciousness, productivity, time management has brought me to a place where I have no choice but to be one by default.

As I look deeper into the matters related to the development of personal life operating systems, I see the use of productivity tools that fail at transforming users into functional high impact results producers.  But I recognize that if I don’t share my thoughts on the subject – some might be doomed to blame, shame and self generated judgement. In our digital day and age, we are so overwhelmed by the daily life and business or professional tasks that we feel like the only ones playing catch-up.  But finally a term has emerged for the work that’s been done in developing and designing the 24 Hour Blueprint.  The term is Pyschologistics.

Psychologistics – A New Term & Concept to Understand

In my observation, we’re all pressured to be super productive in this digital age.  “We have the technology…” to put a man on the moon, cook a meal in seconds, make babies in laboratories so somehow we should become robot-ified and increase our productivity to keep up.  And when we don’t, we fear that we’ll lose our jobs or be replaced by a machine.  These are valid fears and concerns, however what we must address is this psychologistics concept and why you should care about it.

Here’s an audio sharing a little bit about the significance of this concept.  Download it below when the link is ready.


Why Should You Care About Psychologistics?

Burnout.  That’s the the reason why you should care about Psychologistics.  As I’ve researched and reflected on my personal life, I recognized the deep levels of stress and anxiety that awaited as I thought about the accumulation of tasks I’ve had to tend to on some typical days.

Tuesday night: Set Alarm to wake up by 6:00am…Check! Make sure I have my lunch ready. Check! Make sure my clothes are ready and ironed. Check!  Wednesday morning:  Leave the house by 6:50a to catch the 7:05a bus.  7:07a…no sign of bus – wait.  This slight delay means that a connecting bus which runs like clock work will be missed.  I won’t make it to my client’s meeting on time.  Now, must contact client regarding the breakdown and make new arrangements to meet…And it’s still MORNING!  Check phone – oh.  I’m at 12% battery power.  Shucks.  How did I forget to set it on the charger last night.  I now have to make sure I have enough charge to google map and navigate the next fastest route to the meeting.  This sometimes gets worse for those that have to sit in traffic or experience flight delays etc.  Meanwhile, our cell phones are pinging with texts, Facebook messages and Snapchat alerts which are dinging and the weather app is alerting us that severe thunder storms are coming.  Oh.  And I didn’t grab an umbrella!  This is only ONE moment in time but we haven’t gotten to the office yet.  Now, imagine trying to have a super productive day with all of this in the background?  The psychological states we find ourselves in today and the logistics required to navigate the world are getting more and more complex.  Again, “We have the technology…” to simplify life but somehow that simplicity seems to escape us in situations like this.  This is the essence of Psychologistics – the conditions that surround our lives which no matter how much technology we have, we cannot resolve without a higher level of consciousness.  And this is the reason why the 24 Hour Blueprint program was created.  More will be written on this topic but for those who recognize the issue at hand, the 24 Hour Blueprint is a potential solution to a pervasive problem that’s hard to put into words.  Fore more information on the 24 Hour Blueprint – Begin HERE.


For now, if this blog captured your life in a nutshell, leave a comment and send questions to staff@24hourblueprint.com

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