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January Is Over – Now What? Here’s 3 Back-On-Track Actions to Take


Note: Users of the 24 Hour Blueprint will find this post perfectly timed as they finish their first month of using the 24 Hour Blueprint playbook.  If you’re not familiar with the playbook or the 24 Hour Blueprint method, you’re on the right path – if you’re looking to get back on track with your goals this year.  Just take the 24 Hour Blueprint quiz to get started in step 1 below, and you’re good to go.

So, January is over! Now What?  How did you do?  Did your lifestyle score improve? Did you use your playbook exercises to take better actions or create habits that will help you move with confidence toward your goals this year? If not, you’re more than welcome to take do the following 3 things to get back on track with your goals this year. You can start with the end of the month quiz below and get reoriented.

Icon - No. 1Take the Monthly Satisfaction Assessment Quiz to Track Improvement

The 24 Hour Blueprint assessment allows you to look at 5 areas of life: Spirituality, Relationships, Finances, Emotional Well-Being and Fitness.  The assessment has 5 points max for each area, but in the end, you’ll see how it corresponds to you daily tasks in order for you to experience an improvement.  Start your assessment by taking the quiz now.

emoticons raiting with no's


Icon - No. 2Need a Reminder of What The Quiz Scores Mean? Or Download Playbook sheets? Access Them Below.

chart icon - quiz

If you just need to revisit the score assessment page and download some of the playbook exercise sheets – Get them below.

Please note: You’ll have to take take the quiz to access the downloads


Icon - No. 3Watch 24 Hour Blueprint Videos to Catch Up On Training?

Image - Video Training CTA prompt.png

Need to freshen up on your training to understand how the playbook sections work?  Use the videos in the video training section.  Access them below.


Here’s to a great month!

Buihe Madu



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