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Ohhhhhw SnapChat! (Late Followers And Adopters Welcome)

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So, I recently discovered the fun of Snap chatting by force.  A close friend confided in me that her kids would disown her if she didn’t start Snapchatting.  Or at the very least, her case was that since they Snapchatted more than they texted and appreciated the instant gratifying experience of instant visuals of 10 second videos, she felt that she could connect with them better.  This was true given her travel schedule.  And so, she said to me – “Hey, you need to get on that Snapchat!” And so I did.

No Shame in My Late Adopter Game

Well, here I am.  I have to say I’m a late adopter to Snapchat.  And I talk to one person on it.  But it’s actually kind of fun to snap as I run here and there and tell a joke or two or 10 and have a collection of videos that I know will be watched in rapid succession.  If you don’t have it, it worth trying.  I say, Late Adopters UNITE!  Join late and then stay ahead of the game by Snapchatting your Besties.  You’ll find it fun.  Especially when you start developing Snapchat streaks.  Snapchat streaks are notifications that show you how many consecutive days you’ve exchanged videos or images with a person you’ve Snapchatted.

Snapchat Demystified…What EXACTLY Is Snapchat? And Why Use it?

Ok.  It’s a social communication app that allows users to text, send images, shoot super short videos, layer text on the videos, change their voices, add animal lense layers to their faces AND change their voices. I could go on…you get the idea. And…and…get this- the videos/images disappear after 2 views, unless you save them.

It’s basically a messenger app on crack and steroids. And teens – yes, pre-teens and teens especially are super fond of its use for communicating.  So, if you’re having trouble getting through to your stonewalling teen – Snapchat the heaven out of them!

Alright, time to try it out for yourself.

Download the App if you don’t have it already and if you do have it – Snapchat me @buihemadu and see if you can have as much fun as it sounds like I’m having with it.

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