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Saran Wrapped: The Future of America’s Businesses?

IMG_20200609_103724_387Last week, while flying back to New York, I was struck by the site of saran wrapped closed businesses between airline gates.


😲 Restaurants that used to serve 1000’s of travelers now have all their seats and entry areas closed off with saran wrap!!! (That’s not an exaggeration)


I also noticed several businesses CLOSED at the airport for good as well…


It was definitely strange, but also sad to see.




Because as busy as we all get in the hustle and bustle of traveling there’s something comforting in being around so many people on their way somewhere just like you. Some travelers are going on vacation, going to see friends, coming into town for a weekend, returning home from a long trip with family and friends, while some are coming and going for business.


No matter their purpose for traveling, there’s an unspoken oneness at the airport.


But this last trip felt eerie.


And it felt like a foreshadow of things to come for entrepreneurs and their businesses unless something drastic is done to avoid the decline.


If you’re a coach, consultant, or subject matter expert, I’m sure you’ve had your set of concerns about how to avoid suffering the same fate of those saran wrapped ones I saw at the airport. I wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone’s business.


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The Story of Charles & The Chaos Proof Practice

Seeing all of this also reminded me of the story of a client (who’s also a subject matter expert) that turned his expertise into a thriving chaos-proof consulting practice from one idea.  After seeing his results that circumvented the saran wrap outcomes noted, I was inspired to share some of the applied strategies for other coaches, consultants and subject matter experts who’d like to insure and scale their revenue.


But I think the story of Charles is worth exploring because I believe we can all relate to his story – The Story of Charles: A Case Study of Building a Chaos-Proof Consulting Practice.  


My hope is that this provides some inspiration and ideas for those who can relate to it.



– Buihe

PS – So, while some businesses have been closing doors, I’ve seen some of my proprietary digital marketing strategies applied create opportunities. And the webinar I mentioned is designed to help consultants, coaches and subject matter experts who are looking to identify what their next best move needs to be in order to resuscitate their  revenue through well implemented client acquisition and revenue scaling strategies.  Check out the video below and register.

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