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The No. 1 Mistake You Already Made This Year and What You Can Do to Fix It NOW!

mistake-1966448_1280Yeah. It’s a shocker! We’re barely a few days into the year, and the first week is almost over!

The Mistake You Already Made Is Simple – You’re Not Alone

And you and I both know it.  This year is about to look just like last year unless something changes fast.  And that’s because there’s the mistake that we all make every year.  Here’s what it is.  You’re not tracking.  5 Days into the year and you’re not tracking how much time you’ve spent toward your goals or vision being fulfilled.  How much time have you spent already on social media? How much time have you spent at the gym?  How much time have you invested into your newfound meditation or yoga practice?  How’s it going with setting yourself up for that new business so far? You get the idea.

How to Avoid Making the Same Mistake Again and Fix it Now

Let’s think about it.  If you were going to visit a friend who lived out of state, you’d get their address, put it into Google and find out how long the trip would take. In other words, you’d look to see who far AND how much time it’d take to get there.  You’d perhaps consider, what time you’d need to leave to get their by a certain time.  Will there be traffic when you leave? Should you leave earlier to beat it or wait till it dies down. And on and on.

It’s no different with goals.  If you’re anywhere close to serious about this being your year to make the impossible possible or make dramatic improvements, start tracking and planning what you’re going to be doing with your time and how to make sure you reach your destination as planned.  That’s one of the mistakes I made a serious commitment to no longer make.  And it’s one of the biggest reasons why I designed a featured sheet within the 24 Hour Blueprint called the “3-Week Look Ahead”.  It’s a section of the blueprint that allows you to plan and track 3 weeks of activities in less than 15-20 minutes.  With that kind of foresight and speed in planning, managing time to reach a goal gets radically simplified. There’s an insert as well, called the Intentions and Outcomes page which gives you the chance to note your intentions and outcomes by the day of the week.

Here’s what it all looks like:

If you’re like me and could use all the help you can get to make this year become what you honestly dream of it, let’s do it together.

So, today while reviewing my recent tasks and planning for next week, I wanted to shoot a quick video to encourage those who didn’t realize the mistake they’d already made to recognize it and take action to fix it.

Check out the video below and grab a complimentary copy of the playbook.

Download your 24 Hour Blueprint digital-printable playbook below to get started.

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