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Some of us struggle with staying focused. It’s something that happens especially with a new year. Since we have safe and secure habits of old it’s easy to fall for them when they call.

Well, in this brief Monday Meme blog, I’ll reveal an awesome way to handle the distractions that come with old habits – especially from last year.

So, here’s what you do.  If you’ve ever heard or seen an incoming call from a STRANGE-looking number,  what do you do? You have a few options.

1. Let it go to voicemail

2. Text a quick pre-written reply or

3. Swipe left! (And IGNORE THE CALL)

Now if the number has popped up frequently, you’ve perhaps named that number something like “Telemarketer” or “Scam Likely” to make sure you don’t accidentally pick up.  And you have total confidence that when you swipe left on these calls, you’re making the right decision everytime.

So, I’m here to tell you,  if you are on board to crush your goals this year, get in  the habit of “Swiping Left” and ignore all distractions that come your way. This is especially true for your last year’s thoughts and ideas that fell short of getting you to reach your ambitions.

So what’s the phone trick that will help you to stay focused this year? You already know.  It’s to have a “swipe left” mindset. If some old version of your 2018 or previous years’ self shows up or ghost of previous failed attempts toward success shows up to cause doubt or hesitation on taking massive action, remember to simply “swipe left.”

Make that your new mantra: If it doesn’t serve me, I’m swiping left” and ignoring the call.

Hope this was a great reminder of how much power you have to power through and make the impossible possible this year.

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