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Tips: How to Save $180/Month on Landing Pages and Auto-Responders

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If digital marketing expenses are upsetting you because you don’t have enough sales coming in to offset your expenses and you’re looking for alternative solutions, there’s a way out.

If you’re a digital marketer juuuust starting out, freelancing or working within startups that don’t have a big budget or are waiting for you to show them how good your are before they pay you what you feel you deserve, this tip oriented blog post might give you some ideas and confidence to show your worth.


How To Think About Saving on Marketing Costs as a Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

If you’re working for yourself and trying to save as you market your services online and even networking in person, I’m sure you’d agree that working digitally to promote yourself is perhaps one of the most cost-effective, time and energy saving ways to do it.  But the costs are still there.  Costs like:

  • Web Hosting – Paying for your web hosting monthly.
  • Domains – Buying or renewing your domains.
  • Data – Your data cloud hosting has costs too like Dropbox charges.

The costs add up.  If you have software subscriptions – that costs TOO.  So, where or how do you save costs while trying to build your digital marketing empire powerfully?

How to Save $100 on Landing Pages …

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Image credits: usfsp.edu

The Problem: When I was starting out in the digital marketing world, I knew I wanted a landing page.  Correction, I knew I NEEDED a landing page.   I just didn’t know what the heck I was doing.  One person would suggest Optimize Press.  Another person would name some other tool or company and yet, another person would swear by some other All-In-One thing they were using.  It was scary and confusing – I didn’t know what I didn’t know about landing pages and best practices for setting them up.  The learning curve was huge.  And meanwhile I was trying to figure out how to drive traffic to content AND learn how to create content that mattered and had substance.  Not to mention how to set up an email sequence.  There was a lot to learn.  And if I bought landing page software that say cost me $97/Mo (round up to $100) while I was trying to figure this all out, how would I have recouped the $100 dollars?  And if it took me 4 months to figure it out, that would have been a $400 lesson with no immediate ROI.  These painful realizations are what I struggled with and today know new digital marketing enthusiasts can’t figure out either.


The Solution: So, if I had to do it all over again, I’d skip buying a landing page software that had a monthly subscription.  Why?  Here’s why…

  1. Because I’d use a page within my blog or create a page on my website as a substitute to behave like a landing page for my content or product offer.
  2. I’d use link tags to see my readers behaviors to pin down where my funnel was weak or losing people.  And I’d make adjustments.  If I lost people on the page(s) with my offer, I’d make adjustments until it converted or based on traffic test a landing page with 30 day trial.

Conclusion: If you’re struggling with trying to get your landing page to work while you’re bleeding money or wish you could use that money to put into your Facebook marketing or ad buys to get traffic, STOP.  Create a page within your site to act like a landing page and also make sure your site is clean and doesn’t invite distractions that make visitors click on anything other than your content offer. This takes time, skills and patience but you got more of that than money at this time, so use it.



Here’s an example of what I’ve done to model this recently as a case study for a Funnel Design Worksheet.

Graphics - Screenshot - Landing Page WorkAround Example
Screenshot showing workaround with notes on elements of a Website/Blog Page Used as a Landing Page

I get this is not orthodox but if you’re confident in your copy and page structure with a great call to action, you shouldn’t worry about not having a landing page.

How to Save $80 on Your Email Auto-Responder(s)…

This part will be continued in the next blog so stay tuned…

Till next time,


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