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How to Rate and Review Your Life (Weekly) Like An Amazon Product! Here’s How…

five-stars-clear-backgroundAdmit it. We’ve all done it. You go on Amazon to buy something that you’ve never purchased on there before.  And there are a few dozen products to choose from. Now some are rated 3 stars. Some have 4 stars while some have 5 with tons of reviews.  If you’re honest with yourself, the reviews make the process of picking the best product for you easier.  But when you’re stuck between a couple products that may be close in price, you then go to the review comments – depending on what type of product you’re buying or the pricepoint of the product.

How We Buy and Shop Vs. Self Improvement

THIS is our new way to buy and shop.  We go by what others have said and rated a product to make our decision.  But what about making changes to our lives? What do we go by in order to make our own lives a 5 star-rate worthy one?  Is it possible that such a process can be helpful although very stunningly simple. I argue – hell yes.  This is how simple making changes to our lives can be, but we make it complicated.  We do things like look at what other people are doing and how they’re doing it. Then we try to copy them. And then we make ourselves wrong when we fail or our results don’t look the same.  What a tragic way to live.

That’s why I created a personalizable 24 Hour Blueprint self assessment process years ago.  I was the first guinea pig and I realized that the person responsible and worth being accountable to and be inspired to be better than was the person I was yesterday, the week before, the month – heck, even the year before. AND I needed to have a way of measuring that growth.  So…I went the simple route.  I created a self assessment rating scale.Screenshot - Kingdom of Fitness Example

Rate Your Self And See How It Works For You

Well, if you’d like to put the process to the test be my guest.  As I returned from a workout last weekend, I had this thought on my mind and wanted to share about it.  And honestly, I’ve used a system like the Amazon 5 Star one for years but I just hadn’t made is a 5 Star scale.  I had one based on an 5 Emoticon scale like the one you see above/below.

emoticons raiting with no's
Example of the 5 Emoticon Rating System

So, for the first time, I’m integrating the 5 Star process into the 24 Hour Blueprint methods rating system for weekly assessments.  And I’m happy to tell you – you’ll be really happy after you take the quiz and self assess to see how your week has gone and how to make sure the next one is even better.

A Video Worth 1,000 Words But You’ll Have to Take the Quiz for Yourself

I shot a video on my way back from trying a new workout routine which will need improvement and it’s pretty amusing – both the routine and the video.  The video recorded below was intended to raise awareness and invite others to participate in the sacred journey of self discovery and self mastery that seems so illusive at times.

If you’re up for that challenge, watch the video.



Don’t Forget to Take Your Weekly Review Assessment-Quiz

Graphic - Arrow - Down

chart icon - quiz


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