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What’s the Connection Between HEROmanity and the 24 Hour Blueprint?

Okay. So, if you recently requested a free copy of HEROmanity, then you’re probably here because you got the email letting you know we have an answer to the question: What’s the Connection Between HEROmanity and the 24 Hour Blueprint?  And I’m happy to answer that.

So, HEROmanity is all about making a specific kind of mental shift.  But it’s unlike any mental shift you’ve experienced, heard about or read or even received in a seminar. It’s a soul shift actually.  And it’s a shift results from being forced to question everything you believe about yourself, your existence and why you’re here. And then you have to answer the question with you behavior, if I’m here for such and such a reason what am I doing about it?  And or what will I do about it next?

So, when you identify what you’ll be with you new life doing – BAM!  Life hits you.  You realize you have a job to get up early for, bills to pay, kids to feed, errands to run, groceries to grab, a business to manage, a project to finish and text messages to reply to.  See how that happens?  So, to keep you from overwhelm and distraction and the negative self talk that you’ve become so good at abusing yourself with, the 24 Hour Blueprint enters the picture to be used as a guide to help you schedule your life in such a way that you can still do all the things you’re already doing if you want to, but you now can do it in a way that’s aligned with who you feel you truly are with you new found HEROic through process.  All your daily actions that once were mind-numbing or anxiety ridden are now being performed with a inspired mindfulness you couldn’t operate with before.

This is the connection between HEROmanity and the 24 Hour Blueprint. Pretty cool right?  This and other concepts are also explained in our Podcast: The Grind Scheme of Things.



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