New Weekly Tradition: Monday is Memeday – Share Your Favorite Meme…


The original Buihe Madu & Co. Kermit blog post answering the question, “Where Did the Kermit But That’s None of My Business Meme Really Come From…” has been viewed over 7,000 times.

It ranks No. 1 on Bing’s search engine and No. 4 in Google.

Not bad – right?

And truth be told, since laughter is the best medicine and Memes have plenty of laughs to go around we should make Mondays Memedays!

So, with that, I hereby declare Mondays Memedays!

Take a moment and share in the comments your favorite meme.

Here’s one of our new favorites…

MEME - 2019 Blueprint

Ready to Start Designing Your New Year?

Icon - No. 1

Take the 24 Hour Blueprint 3X Productivity-Assessment Quiz – here.

Stock Photo - Productivity Business Man Cartoonbutton_start-here

Icon - No. 2


Check your email for the Quiz Results…

Icon - No. 3

Get Your 24 Hour Blueprint Playbook and Prepare for 2019

Screenshot Blueprint Example for FB Ads

Now, share your favorite meme in the Facebook thread and spread the new tradition.

If you LOVED This … Share It 🙂 And Leave a Comment.

‘Cause Sharing is Caring

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Thank You!


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